Jonathan’s Story


Jonathan has served Boulder County as volunteer, community activist, and public servant for the last 21 years.


Jonathan grew up in a blue collar town just South of Boston and attended High School in Boulder at Fairview High School.  While volunteering at the Boulder Public Library, Jonathan met his wife Allison. They have lived together in Longmont for the past 14 years.  

In high school and college Jonathan volunteered for numerous organizations. He helped found a community non-profit for after school programs, worked as a peer educator at the Boulder County Safehouse, volunteered to prevent sexual assaults on campus, and successfully advocated for affordable housing as a community organizer. Jonathan’s passion for helping those in need lead him to pursue a career in Social Work at Colorado State University.

Jonathan’s path to public service began as a community organizer leading a grassroots campaign in North Carolina to successfully protect open space.  Unable to stay away from Colorado, Jonathan returned to Boulder County to lead anti war activists at the Democratic National Convention in 2004.  Jonathan volunteered as a Precinct Leader with the Boulder County Democrats, founded the Progressive Democrats of Colorado Initiative, and earned the role of Longmont Area Democrats President.


Protecting the Most Vulnerable in Our Community

As a Social Worker, Jonathan worked for Denver Human Services where he helped families struggling with homelessness.  Jonathan joined Boulder County Human Services, where he specialized in investigating allegations of abuse and neglect of children and elders, as well as helping families through the Truancy and Delinquency Court System.  Working on the front lines of human services, Jonathan saw firsthand how government policies can help people in need.

Jonathan has since taken that dedication for social and economic justice to the State Capitol where he was elected to State House District 11 (Longmont, Lyons, Allenspark, Hygiene, Niwot) in 2012.  Jonathan’s social work background has made him one of the leading voices on healthcare and social justice issues, eventually rising to become Chair of the House Health and Human Services Committee. He led efforts to overhaul our child welfare system, increase access to addiction and mental health treatment, decriminalize marijuana, and pass major reforms to protect our immigrant community.

Boulder County’s Problems Strike Close to Home for Jonathan Singer

While Boulder County has been a leader in progressive politics in Colorado, many families in our community struggle to afford the high cost of living. From housing to healthcare to childcare, our neighbors are being priced out of our community.


These problems struck close to home for Jonathan and his family last year. After living in the same Longmont apartment for close to 15 years, their landlord informed them they were undergoing renovations and doubling the rent. Shortly after the birth of his youngest child William, Jonathan and Allison found themselves looking for a place to live. With a great deal of luck, Jonathan and Allison landed on their feet by moving in with their family. Jonathan understands how too many families are struggling because he’s lived it personally.

As a County Commissioner, Jonathan can have the biggest day to day impact on people who need a hand. County Commissioners oversee our child welfare, drug and mental health treatment programs, affordable housing, and public health programs. Jonathan’s background as a social worker and public servant at the Legislature has put him on the front lines of these issues for years. Like many families in Boulder County, Jonathan knows the struggle of living paycheck to paycheck. You know you can count on Jonathan to fight for Boulder County, he’s been doing it his whole life.