Legislative Record


2018 Bills Sponsored


HB18-1007 Substance Use Disorder Payment & Coverage Signed into Law

HB18-1045 Dental Hygienist Apply Silver Diamine Fluoride Signed into Law

HB18-1050 Competency To Proceed Juvenile Justice System Signed into Law

HB18-1092 Marijuana Delivery Pilot Project Postponed Indefinitely

HB18-1155 Sunset Continue Physical Therapy Board Functions Signed into Law

HB18-1157 Increased Reporting Oil & Gas Incidents Postponed Indefinitely

HB18-1258 Marijuana Accessory Consumption Establishments Vetoed by Governor

HB18-1307 Limit Access To Products With Dextromethorphan Signed into Law

HB18-1319 Serv Successful Adulthood Former Foster Youth Signed into Law

HB18-1346 Abuse Of Youth Under 21 In Care Of Institution Signed into Law

HB18-1348 Child Welfare Information & Services Signed into Law

HB18-1363 Recommendations Of Child Support Commission Signed into Law

HB18-1370 Drug Coverage Health Plan Postponed Indefinitely

HB18-1390 Safe Family Option For Families In Crisis Postponed Indefinitely

HB18-1394 Update Colorado Disaster Emergency Act Signed into Law

HB18-1434 Safe2tell Program New Duties & Annual Report Signed into Law

SB18-016 Fund Transitioning From Crim & Juv Justice Sys Signed into Law

SB18-024 Expand Access Behavioral Health Care Providers Signed into Law

SB18-040 Substance Use Disorder Harm Reduction Postponed Indefinitely

SB18-108 Eligibility Colorado Road & Community Safety Act Signed into Law

SB18-139 Statewide Regulation Of Products With Nicotine Postponed Indefinitely

SB18-146 Freestanding Emer Depts Required Consumer Notices Signed into Law

SB18-263 Pilot Prog Court Approval Treatment Med In Jails Postponed Indefinitely

SJM18-001 Memorialize Congress To Fund Wildfire Adopted


2017 Bills Sponsored


HB17-1020 Staffing Task Force Mental Illness Justice Systems Signed into Law

HB17-1026 Reverse Mortgage Repayment When Home Uninhabitable Postponed Indefinitely

HB17-1185 Reports Of Suspected Child Abuse Or Neglect Signed into Law

HB17-1206 Eligibility CO Road & Community Safety Act Postponed Indefinitely

HB17-1229 Workers’ Comp For Mental Impairment Signed into Law

HB17-1281 Approval Voting Optional Use Nonpartisan Elections Postponed Indefinitely

HB17-1283 Task Force Child Welfare Worker Resiliency Prog Signed into Law

HB17-1304 Adoptee Present In-state Exception Signed into Law

HB17-1315 Require Div Crim Jus To Report DUI Data Signed into Law

HB17-1341 Major IT Project Procurement Timeline Postponed Indefinitely

HJR17-1019 ALS Awareness Day Adopted

HJR17-1034 Call Constitutional Convention For Term Limits Postponed Indefinitely

HM17-1001 Memorialize Representative Betty Swenson Adopted

SB17-017 Allow Medical Marijuana Use For Stress Disorders Signed into Law

SB17-019 Medication Mental Illness In Justice Systems Became Law without Signature

SB17-021 Assistance To Released Mentally Ill Offen Signed into Law

SB17-025 Marijuana Education Materials Resource Bank Signed into Law

SB17-058 Employee Agent Purchase of Alcohol Beverages Signed into Law

SB17-059 Roundabout Turn & Lane Change Signal Lost in Senate

SB17-068 School Counselors Early Support For Students Signed into Law

SB17-084 Coverage For Drugs In A Health Coverage Plan Postponed Indefinitely

SB17-106 Sunset Registration Of Naturopathic Doctors Signed into Law

SB17-192 Marijuana Business Efficiency Measures Signed into Law

SB17-206 Out-of-network Providers Payments Patient Notice Postponed Indefinitely

SB17-239 Nonmonetary Adjustments For IT Capital Projects Signed into Law

SB17-246 Leg Cmt Person With Mental Hlth Disorder Jus Sys Signed into Law

SB17-275 Marijuana Pesticides Test Medical Effectiveness Postponed Indefinitely

SB17-304 Authority Of The Joint Technology Committee Signed into Law

SJR17-002 Support For Use Of Biochar Adopted

SJR17-024 Child Abuse Prevention Month Adopted


2016 Bills Sponsored


HB16-1040 Auxiliary Emergency Communications Signed into Law

HB16-1045 Starting The Child Tax Credit Postponed Indefinitely

HB16-1079 Pesticide-free Cannabis Certification Program Postponed Indefinitely

HB16-1234 State Assess Selection & Local Flexibilityy Act Signed into Law

HB16-1271 Limited Winery Direct Delivery Personal Consumers Signed into Law

HB16-1274 ID Documents Unlawful Presence Postponed Indefinitely

HB16-1358 Protect Privacy Of Substance Use Disorder Patients Postponed Indefinitely

HB16-1363 Med Marijuana Advertising Rule-making Authority Signed into Law

HB16-1370 Nicotine Product Retailers Registry Postponed Indefinitely

HB16-1373 Student Medical Marijuana Use At School Signed into Law

HB16-1383 Child Welfare Predictive Analytic Pilot Program Lost in Senate

HB16-1385 Definition Child Abuse Substance Exposure Postponed Indefinitely

HB16-1399 Workers’ Compensation For PTSD Postponed Indefinitely

HB16-1443 Youth Sports Orgs Background Check Notice Postponed Indefinitely

HB16-1448 Relative Guardianship Assistance Program Criteria Signed into Law

HCR16-1003 Sports Venue Nonprofit Entity Raffles Postponed Indefinitely

HR16-1006 Ladder & Worker Safety Deemed Lost

SB16-012 Time To Reconstruct Residential Improvements Signed into Law

SB16-013 Clean-up Office Of The Child Protection Ombudsman Signed into Law

SB16-039 Mental Health And Collaborative Management Teams Postponed Indefinitely

SB16-108 Public Administrators Conflicts Of Interest Postponed Indefinitely

SB16-118 Screening To Identify Prenatal Substance Exposure Postponed Indefinitely

SB16-123 Free Access To High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes Postponed Indefinitely

SB16-213 Construction Defect Litigation Study Group Postponed Indefinitely

SJR16-018 Liberty Day March 16AdoptedSJR16-025Child Abuse Prevention Month Adopted

SJR16-040 Application For An Amendment-proposing Convention Deemed Lost


2015 Bills Sponsored


HB15-1007 Local Government Retail Marijuana Taxes Postponed Indefinitely

HB15-1032 Licensed Mental Health Professionals Treat Minors Signed into Law

HB15-1202 Alcohol Beverage License Reissuance Signed into Law

HB15-1206 Sales & Use Tax Refund For Recycling Equipment Postponed Indefinitely

HB15-1214 Abuse-deterrent Opioid Analgesic Drugs Signed into Law

HB15-1217 Local Gov Input Liquor Sales Room Applications Signed into Law

HB15-1244 Cork & Carry Wine From Liquor-licensed Club Signed into Law

HB15-1248 Child Welfare Check Potential Foster Pare Signed into Law

HB15-1298 Warn Pregnant Women Marijuana Risks Postponed Indefinitely

HB15-1328 Background Checks For Youth Sports Orgs Postponed Indefinitely

HB15-1355 Family History Access Birth & Personal Records Signed into Law

HB15-1358 Differential Response Program Abuse And Neglect Signed into Law

HB15-1373 Provisional Speech-language Pathology Certificate Signed into Law

HB15-1375 Ladder Safety Postponed Indefinitely

HB15-1386 Align Recycling & Machine Tool Tax Exemptions Postponed Indefinitely

SB15-014 Medical Marijuana Signed into Law

SB15-048 Youth Sports Orgs Background Checks Postponed Indefinitely

SB15-087 Foster Care & Kin Care Placement Background Checks Signed into Law

SB15-177 HOA Construction Defect Lawsuit Approval Timelines Postponed Indefinitely

SB15-204 Autonomy Of Child Protection Ombudsman Signed into Law


2014 Bills Sponsored


HB14-1001 Tax Credit For Prop Destroyed By A Natural Cause Signed into Law

HB14-1006 Tax Remittance For Local Marketing Districts Signed into Law

HB14-1062 Optional Approval Voting In Nonpartisan Elections Postponed Indefinitely

HB14-1343 Firefighter Peace Officer PTSD Work Comp Coverage Signed into Law

HB14-1361 Regulation Of Marijuana Concentrates Signed into Law

HB14-1364 Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Medical Marijuana Postponed Indefinitely

HB14-1366 Sale Of Edible Marijuana Products Signed into Law

HB14-1398 Authorize Marijuana Financial Service Cooperatives Signed into Law

HJR14-1010 Flood Recovery Efforts Recognition Adopted

HM14-1005 Memorialize Representative Jack McCroskey Adopted

SB14-005 Wage Protection Act Signed into Law

SB14-067 Medical Assistance Program Align With Federal Law Signed into Law

SB14-173 Offer Hepatitis C Screening Testing Signed into Law

SB14-193 Location Information After US v Jones Signed into Law

SB14-195 South Platte River Post-flood Phreatophyte Study Signed into Law

SB14-201 Child Protection Ombudsman Advisory Work Group Signed into Law

SB14-206 Criminal Record Sealing Clean-up Signed into Law

SB14-218 Seal Marijuana Convictions Legal Amendment 64 Postponed Indefinitely

SB14-220 Common Int Community Arbitrate Const Defect Litig Postponed Indefinitely

SJR14-019 Liberty Day 2014 Adopted


2013 Bills Sponsored


HB13-1036 Authority Of Local Improvement District Signed into Law

HB13-1101 Progressive Raffles Signed into Law

HB13-1135 Voter Preregistration At Age 16 Signed into Law

HB13-1227 Income Protection Act Postponed Indefinitely

HB13-1247 Innovative Motor Vehicle Income Tax Credit Signed into Law

HB13-1260 Bingo Raffle Increase Games Occasions Signed into Law

HB13-1271 Child Abuse Reporting Hotline & Child Welfare Rules Signed into Law

HB13-1318 Retail Marijuana Taxes Signed into Law

SB13-012 Child Abuse Reporting Youth Sports Organizations Signed into Law

SB13-065 Allow Approval Voting Nonpartisan Local Election Postponed Indefinitely

SB13-163 Sunset Review Newborn Infants Hearing Advisory Cmt Signed into Law

SB13-180 Sunset Review Occupational Therapy Practice Act Signed into Law

SB13-202 Additional Inspections At Oil & Gas Facilities Signed into Law

SB13-255 Statutory Changes To Child Fatality Review Teams Signed into Law

SJR13-024 Child Abuse Prevention Month Adopted


2012 Bills Sponsored


HB12-1296 Criminal Wage Theft Postponed Indefinitely

HB12-1298 Voter Preregistration At Age 16 Postponed Indefinitely

HB12-1299 Lessee Can Claim Innovative Motor Veh Tax Credit Signed into Law

HB12-1308 Funding For Economic Development Programs Postponed Indefinitely