Jonathan has been on the front lines in Boulder County for years. We need a Commissioner who knows exactly what’s needed on the most important issues. From the big ideas to the small details, Jonathan Singer knows how bring people together and accomplish real change.


Protecting our Neighborhoods & Addressing Climate Change

Jonathan Singer is committed to standing up for our health and safety over the Oil and Gas Industry profits, advancing our renewable energy goals, and establishing a Boulder County Green New Deal because we don’t have time to keep waiting to address Climate Change. 

At the State Capitol, Jonathan passed legislation to increase Oil and Gas inspections, increase penalties for environmental violations, and make cleaner Alternative Fuel Vehicles more affordable. Singer is one of the first 2020 candidates in Colorado to take the No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge, committing to take $0 from fossil fuel companies, lobbyists, or PACs. 

In 2019 Jonathan helped pass groundbreaking legislation to create local control of Oil and Gas for the first time. This means it is more important than ever to have local leadership with a proven record on environmental protection. When it comes to Oil and Gas, Jonathan will use every tool available to protect our health and safety. When it comes to addressing Climate Change, we have the ability to create a model for the state and nation to follow.

Working Families

Jonathan will work to improve affordable housing and childcare options to make sure everyone has a fair shot at success. He knows what it takes to get this done. At the Capitol, Jonathan worked with the Boulder County District Attorney’s office to pass legislation protecting workers from wage theft, and has repeatedly advocated for a Colorado Working Families Tax Credit. After the 2013 floods, Jonathan helped homeowners and businesses get back on their feet and passed a law protecting flood victims from having to pay property taxes if their homes were destroyed.


Healthcare and mental health care are a fundamental human right. Jonathan will work to make sure that Boulder County Human Services can provide a lifeline to those who can’t afford healthcare or don’t have access to mental health coverage. At the Capitol, Jonathan helped expand Medicare to 250,000 Coloradans and is a strong supporter of Single Payer Healthcare. Jonathan worked to improve our broken mental healthcare system by leading the charge to expand mental health coverage and treatment options. Jonathan passed crucial bills to

Ending the Opioid and Addiction Crisis

As County Commissioner, Jonathan will prioritize treatment over incarceration and work to help those suffering from addiction get back on their feet. Working with the Boulder County Opioid Advisory Committee, Jonathan passed legislation cutting red tape for those who need addiction treatment and pushed the conversation forward on using harm reduction first rather than costly incarceration. Addiction is one of our biggest public health problems, and as Commissioner Jonathan will work to help those who are struggling get improved access to recovery resources.


As Commissioner Jonathan Singer will make sure that Boulder County is safe, inclusive and open for everyone. In one of the biggest immigration reforms in recent history, Jonathan teamed up with the Colorado Immigrants Rights Coalition, Together Colorado, Yo Manejo Colorado (I Drive Colorado), and the Boulder County Latino community, to make Colorado one of the first states to allow immigrants to get drivers licences. Jonathan helped repeal Colorado’s “Show Me Your Papers” law that required law enforcement to do ICE’s job for them and stand up for those living in Sanctuary and defended DACA students.

Inclusiveness and Social Justice

As the only Jewish student in his classroom growing up, Jonathan knows what it’s like to be an outsider. From supporting refugees, asylum seekers, and DACA students to standing up for LGBT rights, equal pay and keeping workplaces safe from sexual harassment, Jonathan has never backed down from working to achieve acceptance and inclusiveness in our community. With the enormous challenges posed by Trump’s hateful rhetoric and policies towards marginalized communities, we need a leader like Jonathan who has been a lifelong ally for social justice causes.

Human Services and Child Welfare

Almost 30% of Boulder County’s budget is spent on human services. As a former childcare worker, child protection worker, and Chair of the Health and Human Services Committee, Jonathan Singer is an outspoken expert on human services. Jonathan will know exactly how to make the most out of our resources to protect children and the most vulnerable in our community. Jonathan passed numerous bills to improve child welfare in Colorado, most notably creating a statewide Child Abuse Reporting Hotline to make sure that no child abuse case could slip through the cracks.

FasTracks and Transportation

Jonathan will get us what we’re owed by FasTracks. For years, Boulder County has been paying tax dollars for a rail line which we are no closer to seeing than when we approved the tax to fund it. Jonathan is no stranger to demanding accountability when transportation programs aren’t working. As Commissioner, Jonathan won’t back down in fighting to get Boulder County it’s light rail line before 2040. He will also prioritize multi-modal transportation and public transportation to reduce congestion and make sure everyone has affordable, reliable, and sustainable options to get to work or school.